Fans Noticed Something Unusual in the Background of Jennifer Lopez’s Gym Selfie

Fans noticed that there is a man in a mask in the background of Jennifer Lopez‘s gym selfie, and it’s causing some confusion.

We shared a close up of the man in the gallery of this post if you can’t see him at first glance. He’s clearly over her shoulder, far in the back peering through a window.

Fans are divided in the Instagram comments of Jennifer‘s post, some writing comments like, “What’s with the man with his mouth covered in the back bedroom??!!” and “It’s a bald man that works at that gym and he has a medical mask on.”

Jennifer has not yet commented on who that man might be, and how he ended up in the very background of her selfie.

There has been some other upsetting news in JLo‘s life recently amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

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