Find Out the Gender of Jana Kramer’s Second Child

The country singer admits she was shocked after learning the gender of her unborn baby.

Country singer and actress Jana Kramer was shocked to learn she is expecting a son after becoming convinced she was having another girl.


"Boy names are so hard...," the mother-to-be moaned. "I feel like there's so many Carters now. And I love how Jolie's name (is) a little different - it's not really that popular - and so we came up with a few".

Jana is keeping their new chosen name a secret until the baby's arrival, but told listeners Jett and Jeter John were also considered before being axed.

She has since had to get used to the fact that she's having a son, because she was "hands down" sure she was carrying a girl - and the star was more than happy at the thought of having two daughters.

"I was sick, I was craving fruit. I felt gross, which is how I felt with Jolie," Jana recalled of the early stages of her pregnancy. "So I was like, 'I'm definitely having a girl.' And secretly, I also wanted a girl too. I wanted to have a sister for Jolie".

Jana also took to Instagram to share a sweet photo of their gender reveal, in which she, Mike, and Jolie were showered with blue confetti.

"Genuine shock," she captioned the image. "We were convinced it was a girl....but we are over the moon that it’s a BOY...".

The news emerges shortly after Jana revealed she had previously suffered a series of miscarriages during her journey to parenthood, which included undergoing in vitro fertilisation treatment, before falling pregnant naturally with little Jolie and again with her unborn son.

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