Find Out Why Morgan Freeman Slapped Tracy Morgan

Morgan Freeman recently gave comedian Tracy Morgan a playful slap to urge him to stop talking. The former “30 Rock” star was invited to a night out with the movie legend, and he couldn’t believe his luck.

“I was called upon last week,” Tracy recalled on talk show “The View“. “I was in the house with my baby. I’m looking at [the] TV, watching the (boxing) fight and I got a call from my agent [saying], ‘Morgan Freeman wants to have dinner with you tomorrow.’ And I dropped the phone. That’s basically God!”

The private meeting last Wednesday, April 18 was a dream come true for Tracy, but he almost ruined the evening by letting his chatterbox nature get the better of him. “I’m so excited, I’m talking a mile a minute,” he shared, before revealing Morgan lightly smacked him across the face to calm him down. “And when Morgan Freeman do this to you, that’s love! I’m in the books!”

First meeting. Fast friends. #TRACYMORGANFREEMAN

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After the meal, Tracy took to Instagram to document the get-together. “First meeting. Fast friends,” he captioned a snap of the pair.

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