Gabrielle Union and Jon Favreau Left Impressed by Kamala Harris Post-Vice Presidential Debate

Also voicing support for Joe Biden’s running mate after she squared off against Mike Pence are the likes of Amber Tamblyn, Uzo Aduba and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

AceShowbizGabrielle Union and Jon Favreau were among the celebrities taking to social media to praise vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris for her debate with Mike Pence on Wednesday, October 7 night.

Just a week after incumbent president Donald Trump battled Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the presidential debate, their deputies took to the stage, with stars quick to tweet their support of Kamala and her handling of her rival.

“Kamala Harris is handing Pence is (sic) narrow a*s and exposing this administration in such a masterful way…allllll while Pence refuses to follow the rules or tell the truth. Work of art,” Gabrielle wrote, while “Iron Man” star and director Jon commented, “Incredibly impressive performance by Kamala. Pence on the defensive for most of the night. Dodged quite a few tough questions. Missed an opportunity to change anything about a race that they’re losing.”

Gabrielle Union and Jon Favreau applauded Kamala Harris after vice presidential debate.

Orange Is the New Black” actress Uzo Aduba tweeted, “The excellence demanded of an @kamalaharris her entire life is what has made her more than ready on Day 1. #VPDebate”, while Amber Tamblyn remarked, “Kamala is looking so focused and ready. Love it. #WeHaveHerBack.”

Uzo Aduba and Amber Tamblyn also voiced support for Kamala Harris post-debate.

“Strong. Honest. Clear. Hopeful. Tonight, @KamalaHarris proved that she and @JoeBiden have what it takes to move this country forward. And now it’s up to us to go vote for them,” former First Lady Michelle Obama tweeted, while Biden himself wrote, “@KamalaHarris, you made us all proud tonight.”

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Michelle Obama and Joe Biden weighed in on Kamala Harris’ performance at the debate.

Bette Midler and Alyssa Milano both slammed Pence in their tweets about the debate, with Bette writing: “#mikepence is a mealymouthed loyalist. This administration did nothing to help people get through this pandemic, NOTHING. He should hang his head in shame. I hope this follows him forever.” Alyssa added in her tweet: “Pence lies with a smile. He’s a disgrace. Part of being a great leader is being an honest person. Kamala Harris is an honest person. She’s ready to lead on day one.”

Bette Midler and Alyssa Milano slammed Mike Pence post-vice presidential debate.

During the debate, Harris focused on Trump and Pence’s handling of the coronavirus crisis and their work during their time in office. In addition to praising the Democratic senator, many of the evening’s tweets were centred around a fly which landed on Pence’s head during the debate.

Arrow” star Colin Donnell tweeted, “Debate Winners: Kamala Harris, The Fly, Kamala Harris’ Skills/Demeanour… Mike Pence’s obvious discomfort being in such close proximity to two strong women whom he is not related or married to.”

Colin Donnell, James Woods and Joy Villa had different views on the debate’s winner.

Pence did have some supporters, however, with actor James Woods tweeting: “Is it my imagination or has Kamala Harris absolutely dodged every single question she’s been asked?”. Singer Joy Villa added: “@Mike_Pence is CRUSHING @KamalaHarris IN THIS DEBATE!”

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