Gal Gadot stuns in Wonder Woman 1984 as VERY special cameo is revealed

SPOILER ALERT: Gal Gadot stuns in Wonder Woman 1984 as a VERY special cameo in the end credits has fans buzzing

Christmas is extra wonder-ful this year, as the highly anticipate Wonder Woman 1984 was released in theaters and on HBO Max, Friday. 

The second installation of the superhero flick sees a stunning Gal Gadot, 35, resuming her role as heroine Diana Prince in the eighties set movie, who gears up for an epic battle against Maxwell Lord and the Cheetah. 

Despite her captivating performance and impressive stunts, it was a very special cameo in the movie’s end credits that had fans buzzing. 

Warning: Spoilers below… 

Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot, 35, stuns in Wonder Woman 1984, released today, as a very special cameo in the film’s end credits has fans buzzing

OG Wonder Woman Lynda Carter herself appears in an additional scene at the end of the movie as an extension of the storyline. 

Playing an Amazon warrior named Asteria – who is referenced in the film as the first person to rock the gold armor Gadot wears in the final battle scene – Carter’s performance as the pioneering warrior is a special treat. 

Though Asteria’s eyes are teased throughout the film, she appears in full form at the end as she is seen saving people from a falling pole in a market, easily lifting it with her arm. 

She tells a thankful patron she’s ‘been doing this for a long time,’ before giving her signature twirl and winking at the camera. 

Special surprise: OG Wonder Woman Carter appears in an end credits scene as an Amazon warrior named Asteria who is referenced throughout the film; December 2

The cameo could perhaps set up the film for a third installation where Gadot and Carter’s characters would meet.

Director Patty Jenkins has long had an interest in Carter making a cameo, as she said the scene came to fruition after the fact but she ‘knew what it was going to be all along.’

Carter herself has been incredibly supportive of the franchise and even seemed to tease her appearance in the film as she said, ‘Just got some big news…’ while teasing tickets for the film. 

First playing Wonder Woman in the tv series from 1975-1979, Carter has been most famously associated with the character prior to Gadot, and still has lots of love for the role. 

OG: Carter played the superhero in the tv series from 1975-1979 and has been most famously associated with the role

Fresh blood: Gadot played Wonder Woman in the first film in 2017 and now again for the 1984 sequel that was released on Christmas Day 

‘Wonder Woman taught me that we can all look inside ourselves for inner strength and the power to do what is right. It might not help us lift cars, but we can certainly lift one another up that way,’ she wrote in October. 

Upon the film’s release Gadot wrote, ‘Can’t wait to hear what you think! Ahhhhhhh.’

Reportedly very close to her Wonder Woman counterpart, Jenkins said she Gadot, and Carter are all in a group text and talk quite frequently. 

‘In the last few years we’ve started a group text that we’re all three on, literally we all talked probably four times yesterday. Ee text each other all the time, we talk about what’s going on, we talk about the movie release,’ she said on Good Morning America.  

Fast friends: Carter has been very supportive of the movie franchise and Gadot as a whole, and is even in a group text with her; pictured 2017

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