‘Gasping’ Trends on Twitter After Trump Appears to Struggle Breathing at White House (Video)

Donald Trump is back at the White House after spending three days in the hospital amid his battle with coronavirus and he didn’t appear to be doing as well as he says he’s doing.

The President of the United States did a photo opp on the balcony of the White House on Monday night (October 5) and he even removed his mask while posing.

A video from the photo op has started spreading on Twitter and Trump looks like he’s struggling to breathe in the clip.

Trump looks like he is gasping for air,” Twitter user @brenonade wrote with a clip. In another tweet, he wrote, “Trump appears to be wincing in pain while he breathes.”

Someone on Twitter replied, “When I had Covid and walked up stairs I felt like I was going to die. He is definitely gasping for breath. And trying to hold in a cough which will make the breathing worse.”

A doctor replied, “That’s what we call increased work of breathing in the ICU (notice heaving chest movement). When I was a soldier in the Army, we called that sucking air. Dude is going to collapse in short order.”

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