Gemma Owen avoids eye contact for fear of getting found out reveals expert

Love Island viewers have been left baffled at Gemma Owen's lack of eye contact on the show.

But a dating expert has said it could well be because the 19 year old is "hiding a secret."

It is widely known that Gemma's dad is famous footballer Michael Owen, but this information is yet to be found out by her fellow islanders.

While Gemma will happily make eye contact with most in the villa, viewers have picked up on the horse rider avoiding eye contact with anyone she's romantically involved with.

Our expert told us: "Often when we're not being fully truthful with people it affects our behaviour and she'll be avoiding eye contact for fear of getting found out.

"If she connects through eye contact then the next logical step is to have deeper conversations, which inevitably leads to questions about your parents and family.

"Gemma seems to be avoiding that topic at all costs, but it could jeopardise her relationships if she doesn't open up."

It could explain why the brunette beauty doesn't have an issue with making eye contact with her ex boyfriend Jacques, who recently joined the show as a bombshell.

Lara Besbrode, International Matchmaker, Dating Expert and Founder of The Matchmaker UK, explained: "We've seen her enjoying conversations with Jacques because she's comfortable in his presence – he's familiar and she knows that she can trust him.

"We also have to remember that Gemma will have had a very different upbringing to the other islanders and may be more cautious when it comes to opening up, being vulnerable and truly connecting with her partner."

Lara described Gemma as "wise for her age," but says that maturity "seems to disappear" when she's with a love interest.

"Although the age gap between Gemma and Luca is only four years, it does make a huge difference when she's in her late teens and he's in his early 20s," she said.

Adding: "She won't have had as much life experience as Luca or as many partners as him and therefore may feel less confident around him because she doesn't know what she wants, which is normal for a 19 year old. Who knows what they want at 19!"

Luca has been frustrated ever since Gemma's ex Jacques O’Neill arrived in the villa as a bombshell on Sunday night – with many fans speculating that the two could get back together.

Recently on the hit show Gemma pulled Luca for a chat to air her feelings.

The 19 year old says: “You’ve probably noticed I am being a little bit off the last day.

"What initially attracted me to you is that you didn’t give a sh*t but I’ve seen a different side to you, which I do like but I don’t want to feel that’s us two married off now and that’s it.”

Luca answers back: “Why are we married off?” later adding: “Listen we both like each other and we will see how it goes.”

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