Gene Simmons Urges Fans to Get Vaccinated After Paul Stanley Tested Positive for COVID

Confirming that his bandmate has contracted the coronavirus, the Kiss bassist spilled that the former started to lose his voice and felt tired before their doctor suggested for them to get tested.

AceShowbizGene Simmons has assured KISS fans his bandmate Paul Stanley is going to be fine after contracting COVID.

In a video interview with TMZ on Friday, August 27, the bassist revealed the group had been “sequestered” in a hotel following Stanley’s diagnosis, which forced them to scrap a Pennsylvania show, but he insists Stanley will be OK thanks to the fact he had been vaccinated.

“It is true that Paul caught COVID because this delta variant is very catchy,” he said. “Please send him your best wishes.” He added, “[Paul]’s gonna be great because he got vaccinated. He’s gonna be fine.”

Simmons explained his bandmate started to lose his voice on Thursday and felt tired, prompting the band’s doctor to suggest he and the crew get a COVID test. Stanley tested positive. Everyone else on the tour was also tested, but no one else had contracted the virus.

Simmons used the interview to urge fans to get vaccinated and take safety measures to stay healthy as COVID cases spike.

“The nature of this vaccine is that it protects you from going and having tubes down your throat and possibly dying,” Simmons said. “So you can still get it. Everybody, wear your masks, please, especially in public, and please get your Pfizer vaccine.”

“The rest of it is not as important as our health. We’re all doing fine. We’re gonna get back there on the road. But the rest of you, get yourself vaccinated. Please wear your masks. Wash your hands. Do all the right stuff.”

Stanley has been ordered into quarantine for 10 days, which means the Kiss farewell tour won’t be back on the road again until September 9 in Irvine, California.

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