Gordon Ramsay gives angry neighbour a burger amid backlash for relocating to Cornwall during lockdown

Gordon Ramsay has cheekily taken a swipe at his angry neighbour after he was slammed for relocating to his £4.4 million Cornwall home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Rather than retaliate to the criticism the famed TV chef decided to hilariously offer his neighbour the burger he made for his ‘Ramsay in 10 Live’ Instagram series.

In the live stream, the Hell's Kitchen host revealed he would be making a burger in 10 minutes but if he did not manage to complete it in time he would be donating £10,000 to NHS charities.

Once he had finished making the delicious-looking burger he presented it to his 8.5 million followers, explaining: “I’m not going to eat this.

“I’m going to give it to the neighbours next door. Hopefully that might put a smile on their face.”

Gordon then proceeded to run out of his front door and round the corner to what could be the direction of his neighbours' house, shouting: “Love thy neighbour!”

The multi-michelin star chef has faced a lot of backlash from Cornish locals since he moved down from London to his second home with his family to see out the lockdown.

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One raged on social media: "Cornwall MPs have specifically asked for people with a second home not to do this.

"You might be rich and famous but you're not special and you're setting a bad example! Really disappointing."

While another local even threatened to report him to the police, writing: '"Don't you realise that by doing that you've possibly brought the virus with you and because Cornwall is not your main residence, if you and your family get sick you will place yet more strain on an already fragile infrastructure.

"I'm reporting you to the police. What you've done is against the law and I hope they force you back to London."

Gordon, his wife Tana and their children were not actually breaking any rules when they moved down to their second home because it was at the start of the lockdown.

However, his good humoured burger offering comes after the star made a thinly veiled dig at locals who were berating him by sharing on Instagram a gift from kinder neighbours.

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The chef uploaded a snap of a bunch of asparagus which he had received with a note that read: “A little gift from the fields across your house.”

The 53 year old then gushed: “Now what a lovely, beautiful, generous little gift. C’mon, seriously, that's literally growing in the back of my garden. Now that's what I call love thy neighbour, see?

“That's how you look after each other across these difficult times. There you go. I'm sure one local will whinge about the asparagus!”

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