Graeme Thomas King Opens Up About Just How Jeremy Beckett Is Going To Regain Our Trust Again on ‘The Perfectionists’

We’re starting to be very suspicious of Jeremy Beckett on The Perfectionists…especially after last night’s episode, where he just was seen drilling actual holes into a laptop and tossing it into a river.

What is up with that?! Graeme Thomas King is trying to explain it all.

“He’s obviously hiding a lot, isn’t he? To do what he does in Episode 8 — you wouldn’t do that unless you were scared or you had a lot to lose. As the series goes forward, as [Episode 9] comes out, you’ll see how much he actually has to lose. You’ll realize how much he actually has to lose,” he told TV Guide in a new interview.

So, how exactly is he connected to the Hotchkiss family? Like, what even is his job?

“I wondered that for a long time as well [laughs]. You have to keep watching. It does become more evident as the [season] finishes,” Graeme adds. “…I had my theories for a long time. I still do! I still do have my theories as to what he does. Patience. Just be patient.”

Now we’re wondering just what this all means for his relationship with Caitlin (Sydney Park). Is he leading her on or is it really love?

According to Graeme, Jeremy is truly in love with Caitlin.

“He loves her dearly. I think she’s everything to him. She’s everything that he’s ever wanted,” he says. “I imagine that he’s relatively new to Hotchkiss Industries and he’s new to the country and Caitlin is kind of everything that he’s dreamed of.”

He added that Jeremy definitely “could be using her, he certainly could, but I don’t like to think that way because he seems really nice. But then again, in Episode 8, he did some pretty dodgy things.”

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