Growing older ain't what it used to be for these three famous faces

Growing older ain’t what it used to be! This sprightly Midwife star, a sultry supermodel and a boyish Beatle all seem to have discovered the secret to eternal youth

The world is still searching for the fountain of youth, but judging from these images there are celebrities who appear to have had a sneaky sip from something very similar. 

With a combined age of 201, Jenny Agutter, Ringo Starr and Helena Christensen should – by rights – be happy to throw on some velour and get on with getting old. 

Instead, they are showing that age really is just a number. 

Jenny Agutter, 68, reveals she cuts back on food whenever her clothes are getting too tight

Call the Midwife star Miss Agutter, 68, revealed the secret to maintaining her figure was simply cutting back on food when her clothes get too tight. 

She told Woman & Home: ‘I do not want to change my clothes size, so every time something gets tight, I just go, “Right, less cheese, no butter and cream, no sugar and sweets, no wine.” And I just don’t eat quite so much.’ 

Miss Agutter encouraged people to pay tribute to ageing as opposed to finding a means to slow the process. 

At 52, Helena Chistensen still ranks as one of the world’s top supermodels

Helena Christensen is another more senior star not ready for elasticated trousers. 

The supermodel showed she can still stun at 52 simply wearing a crisp white shirt draped with a tie. 

She was modelling vintage and second hand clothing from her own fashion collection, Staerk and Christensen. 

Beatle Sir Ringo Starr looks incredible for his 81 years, and he continues to teach drumming in online masterclasses

Sir Ringo Starr, meanwhile, shows few signs of his 81 years, sharing this image on social media to advertise online masterclasses for aspiring drummers. 

Users of MasterClass, which charges a monthly fee, can enjoy demonstrations and anecdotes from the Beatle. 

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