Gymnast Nia Dennis Was *Literally* Turning Flips at the Met Gala, and the Pictures Are Wild

You probs know gymnast Nia Dennis for her totally epic floor routine that went viral earlier this year while she was a student-athlete at UCLA. (Forgot? Peep the greatness.)

But get this: Our good sis was *literally* juuust flipping all up and down the 2021 Met Gala steps. Jason Derulo could never!! Too wild to be true? Sure, but just look for yourself:

Honestly, it’s v on brand for Nia and we are not mad about it at allll. While on the Met Gala steps, Nia danced to an instrumental version of “New York” by Alicia Keys (how appropriate!). She also posted this message to her Stories: “all the rumors are true yea.”

If you want to see a video of this already-legendary performance, well, here you go!

We are live from the 2021 #MetGala with @BKunitedMB. Don’t miss a single minute from the red carpet. Here’s how to watch, now:

Flip on, queen!

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