Hailey Baldwin Tells Justin Bieber He ‘Looks Hot’ As He Shares Body Insecurities On Instagram

Hailey Baldwin took to Instagram to broadcast a live video on Apr. 2 and in it, she showed her support for husband Justin Bieber when he admitted he didn’t feel he looked good.

Hailey Baldwin, 22, decided to give a little sneak peek into her world with hubby Justin Bieber, 25, when she posted a live video to Instagram on Apr. 2. The blonde beauty was all smiles when she made a solo appearance after Justin ran in another room, but it didn’t take long for her to ask him to come out of the other room and join her. The singer wouldn’t do it, though, and admitted he wasn’t feeling good about the way he looked. Supportive Hailey quickly went into the other room to encourage him, and their sweet conversation could be heard through the live video.

“I look bad,” Justin said, after refusing to go on video. “No you don’t, you look hot,” Hailey responded. “My body’s not in good enough shape,” he continued. “Don’t say that, come back,” she answered. “You look good, baby.” Justin continued complaining about how he didn’t like his physique, but Hailey continued to praise him. “Your arms are big,” she said, before he disagreed. Just a few seconds later, Hailey can be seen pulling a shirtless Justin out of the room by his arm, before he quickly smiles at the camera and insists Hailey “turn it off.” A laughing Hailey continues to tease him by telling he started it before she turns the camera to Justin. He quickly turns it back to her and asks, “Is your shirt see-through?” “No,” she answers with one hand covering her face. “It’s just skin color.”

The adorable video isn’t the first time Hailey and Justin made headlines for appearing in her live instagram clips. In another video, posted on Mar. 31, the couple, who has been married for four months, got silly again as Justin sang and Hailey laughed while waiting for a friend to sign on.

We love seeing these two being silly and in love. We hope Hailey continues sharing Instagram live videos in the future!

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