Halle Berry, 52, Wrestles Trainer To The Ground Prepping For ‘John Wick 3’ & Still Looks Sexy Doing It

Halle Berry is a lean, mean fighting machine in new pics of her preparing for the fight choreography for ‘John Wick 3’! Check out all of the pics of her flipping stuntmen here!

Halle Berry is officially a badass! Taking to her Instagram story, the 52-year-old superstar showed off some behind-the-scenes pics of her fight choreography training for John Wick 3. And needless to say, she looks like a killing machine based on the few photos she’s shared. She even flips some of her unlucky”attackers” as she sends them flailing on the mat. Take a look at the pics by watching Halle’s Instagram story right here!

We reported earlier about how Halle was the recipient of some royal attention once! In the past few days, pictures surfaced of Prince Harry’s college dorm room at Eton, and front and center on one of his walls is a picture of Halle Berry in a red dress. Halle tweeted the picture at Harry, along with a message: “Ok #PrinceHarry, I see you! 🤣 #HalleBerryPosta @MissyElliott”.

Nicki recently spread the love to Nicki Minaj after her VMAs performance. . “Sooooo @NICKIMINAJ came to slay the #VMAs…AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT SHE DID,” the tweet said. In response to all the love Halle sent her way, Nicki replied, “If Queen Halle approves then 🤷🏽‍♀️”. The bottom line? If you’re lucky enough to receive praise from Halle, you’re in good shape. If you’re one of her enemies, you’ll probably get flipped like the stuntmen in her Instagram story.

I want to talk about comfort zones this #FitnessFriday, and I can’t think of a better way to do so then by talking about John Wick 3. As a bonus, check today’s stories for exclusive behind-the-scenes of my #JW3 fight training!! #Sofia has been my most physically challenging role to date. I have never trained this hard before in my life, and I’ve become a better person for it – challenges like this keep us youthful, energized, confident – it helps us realize we can do more than we ever thought. Last week I mentioned that if you’re the most fit person in a room, then you’re in the wrong room; this film has introduced me to some of the most experienced athletes and stunt men / women I have ever worked with. Take today to consider people who take you out of your comfort zone, find something you feel you cannot do and create an opportunity for yourself to do it. My sore muscles are here to tell you that you CAN.

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We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest pics of Halle Berry. In the meantime, check out all of her photos in our gallery above.

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