Heidi Klum Says That "Project Runway" Was Getting Stale

Recently-ex Project Runway hostess and the Halloween version of SNL’s Penelope, Heidi Klum, has no regrets about leaving the brand that made her famous. In fact, she did everything but straight up tell People  that the show has been a bore for several seasons now and she’s glad she’s leaving.

ProjRun (that’s what the gays used to call it back in the day when it was good….so circa Mondo Guerra?) had moved from Bravo to Lifetime for its sixth season in 2009, but it was recently announced to be moving back to its network of origin for its 17th season. Unfortunately, the move back will be sans Heidi and her benevolent fashion sidekick Tim Gunn. Heidi and Tim will be heading up a fashion competition show for Amazon. So there will be Project Runway and…Project Runway? Taking Heidi and Tim’s place will be model and Taylor Swift squad member Karlie Kloss and Season 4 winner Christian Siriano.

“I don’t think they need advice. We left ‘Project Runway’ in great hands, with Karlie [Kloss] and Christian Siriano, and I think they are going to do a great job,” she told People.

Heidi’s obviously super-glad she’s leaving because she compared the show to bread that’s been sitting neglected on the kitchen counter for too long without a twist tie sealing the bag shut and keeping in the freshness.

“I can see how they are going to change it, because it needed some change,” Klum added. “It has been stale for sixteen [seasons].”

And she was the hostess for those seasons! Heidi Klum is honest and that’s what we love about her. So she sat in that director’s chair and tiredly bid those sad designers “Auf Wiedersehen” and held her hand out for a check. And she would spend that check at whatever Hollywood special effects studio makes her Halloween costumes. At least she was collecting a check for something cool. She could have spent it on drugs or hookers or fillers.

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