Here’s How Katherine Heigl Feels About How Alex Karev Was Written Out Of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Katherine Heigl is calling out the storyline that involved Alex going back to Izzie at the end of season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy.

The 42-year-old actress, who played Izzie from season one until season six, when the character was written out as Alex (Justin Chambers) refused to resume their marriage.

Katherine had asked to be written out of the show in order to spend more time with her family at that time.

In a new interview, Katherine gave her thoughts about the recent storyline, which had Alex leaving his new wife, Jo, to be with Izzie and their twin children.

“I didn’t see it,” Katherine revealed to ET, but did recall that Alex was with Jo. “Listen, isn’t that an a**hole move?”

Previously, showrunner Krista Vernoff explained why that was the only logical choice of Alex’s exit.

“At the end of the day, there were three choices,” she shared with TVLine. “Kill Alex off camera; have Alex be alive and in Seattle — and still married to Jo — and we just never see him; or [reunite him] with Izzie.”

Katherine also revealed if she’d return to the long running series at all.

“I’m super focused on this show and my passion for it,” she shared of Firefly Lane. “I would never say never but it’s not likely.”

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