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The two cats who caused two people in South Africa to age by 50 years by scaring the youth out of them!

Let’s celebrate Caturday one day early (although, every day is Caturday, let’s be real) by paying tribute to the cats who are leading the pussy revolution in South Africa. I’m choosing to believe that the clip below is 100% authentic, and isn’t manufactured propaganda co-starring humans who were paid by the United Pussy Opposition to look a new kind of scared over two little cats. In a scene straight out of an episode of Maury titled “Maury, I’m Scared Of The Puss!“, one worker in a kitchen sees two cats running in and she jumps onto a table as though the cats were carrying a Bluetooth speaker blasting a Lil Xan song.

Another human also proved that the saying “scaredy cat” should be changed to “scaredy human” by getting the spooks over the two intruder cats, who also seemed to get spooked over the humans getting spooked. I can’t really laugh at this lady’s overreaction, because I have the same reaction when anybody comes at me with a plate of steamed vegetables that isn’t covered with melted cheese.

I haven’t seen someone jump from a pussy that fast since my wedding night.” – Kelly Preston

But seriously, that is the reboot of Jurassic Park we all deserved. And in the never-ending battle between cats and raccoons to take over the world, the new score is:

Cats: 9,533,000

Raccoons: 9,532,999

Your move, raccoons!

Pic: YouTube

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