How can this be happening again Jacquie Beltrao on devastating second cancer diagnosis

Jacquie Beltrao reveals that her latest scans show no cancer

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Jacquie Beltrao, 56, beat cancer in 2014, however the Sky News presenter has revealed that it returned during lockdown. The presenter was “absolutely floored” when she found a small lump near her collarbone in June 2020.

It’s sneaky.

Jacquie Beltrao

Jacquie joined Sky News in 1993, first working as a publicist before later becoming a sports reporter and presenter.

She now presents updates on weekends during the Sunrise programme and for the first hour of the following programme.

Speaking to The Sun, Jacquie has detailed her pain after finding a lump near her collarbone last year.

“But in June 2020, I was absolutely floored when I discovered a small lump below my right collarbone.

“Even though it was up near my neck, it was still the breast tissue, and I was told it was stage four breast cancer.

“Eduardo was on a call when I got the results from my doctor and I ran into the room crying: ‘How can this be happening to me again?'”

The presenter added: “It feels to me like cancer never really goes away. It’s sneaky.”

Thankfully the star’s most recent scan showed that she did not have cancer anymore, however she know’s this does not mean she is cured.

She recalls how “lucky” she is to have work as a “huge distraction” to take her mind off her personal life.

Jacquie documents her battle on social media to help others as well as being an ambassador for the charity Future Dreams, which funds research and supports those hit with the disease.

The star revealed in September that she was battling osteoporosis, due to all her cancer medication.

According to the NHS website, osteoporosis is a health condition that weakens bones, making them fragile and likely to break.

The presenter tweeted a photo of herself getting treatment for the condition along with a message to her followers.

She said: “Bone injection into my arm (not bones).

“I have osteoporosis because of all the cancer medication so this hardens the bones and I think discourages bone mets – it’s a quickie 15 mins and I’m away #drip #breastcancer #shenanighans.”

The presenter looked as elegant as ever, whilst sitting in a hospital chair, attached to a drip.

Jacquie wore a brave smile, and was dressed in a pretty red and white floral maxi dress.

Fans were quick to comment on the star’s bravery.

NicolaJaneFros1 said: “You’re a blooming warrior, lass!

“You have all of these treatments which most of us could never properly comprehend, but you still show people how treatment and getting through it can be done.”

DanCollins2 said: “Very few women can look that good when wired up in such a manner.”

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