How to get involved with Jameela Jamil’s new video project

Jameela Jamil is launching an I Weigh YouTube channel. Here’s how you can get involved with the new project.

Since starting the I Weigh campaign in 2018, Jameela Jamil has been on a mission to champion body diversity. She’s the first to call out the toxic dieting industry, she refuses to use Photoshop-edited photographs of herself and she really does not give a flying fig what people think.

That probably explains why the I Weigh community has grown so much in both strength and numbers, with over one million people following the Instagram account. It’s a space for women to share their strengths, celebrate their bodies and fight the negative bullshit we face every day.

Now, Jamil has announced another exciting I Weigh project: a new YouTube channel.

The Good Place actor shared on Twitter: “I’m starting an “I WEIGH” YouTube channel soon. What are some questions you would like me to answer in my Ask Me Anything videos? These are not Good Place questions. Though I will do one of those. These are just about mental health, feminism, sex, body image. I WILL GO THERE.”

So, what can we expect her to tackle on her new YouTube channel? As you can imagine, women are already sharing their burning questions with Jamil. 

Here are some of the most popular ones that you might relate to.

“One that I personally struggle with: how do you cope with allowing somebody (particularly the opposite see) to touch you? Even if I’m 100% comfortable with the person/a date, my insecurity can get the better of me and i just wanna know if other people feel the same sometimes.”

“Any advice on how to prevent my five-year-old daughter from having body image issues when she gets older? It’s especially difficult when I have these issues myself.”

“I’d love to know how you encourage your friends to love the skin they’re in. I have figured out how to do it for myself, but your messages to others translate far better than mine.

“It’s painful for people you know and love to hate their physical selves.”

“I would love to know what that ‘switch’ was for you to start taking care of yourself and to get out of a/that ‘spiral’. What really made you fed up and how did you avoid just not letting things happen to you?”

“You seem to have boundless energy for batting back at the trolls who hate on you. How do you do that? And why?”

“1) The misconceptions of the female anatomy to young girls? (Mainly addressing myths in sex)

2) The incessant hypersexualisation of women in media (i.e TV shows, movies, magazines, etc)”

And that’s just a handful of issues that fans want Jamil to dicuss. You can see the full thread here, and add your own to the list. We can’t wait to see Jamil answer them when her YouTube channel launches.

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