‘HTGAWM’s Charlie Weber: The Gabriel Maddox Mystery Will Be ‘Frank’s Thing’ In Season 5

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ is back for season 5 with more mysteries and jaw-dropping moments. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Charlie Weber about Gabriel’s importance, Flaurel, and more!

At the end of last season, a brand-new character named Gabriel Maddox was introduced. Over the long hiatus, everyone has been asking: who is Gabriel Maddox? Well, How To Get Away With Murder is going to really delve into this character in season 5. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Charlie Weber about Gabriel on ABC’s red carpet at the 2018 Television Critics Association summer press tour. “That’s a big thing,” Charlie told HollywoodLife. “That’s Frank’s thing right there.” Frank is going to be heavily involved with Gabriel’s storyline. “Frank is the only person who knows things and whoever I may or may not be speaking to on the other end of the phone.”

The Gabriel storyline is going to be an important one over the course of season 5. “It’s going to be a linchpin to a couple of different stories,” he said. “We’ll see how it unfolds because I think even my creator Peter Nowalk doesn’t know where exactly this is going. But there is definitely weight to that character and his presence where we are.”

As for the fate of Frank and Lauren in season 5, Charlie teased that Flaurel “will continue to be a tumultuous relationship.” That’s Flaurel at its best, right?

Even though Wes was killed off seasons ago, there are still fans that think he could still be alive somehow. HollywoodLife asked Charlie how he felt about those fan theories. “Nothing’s ridiculous on our show,” he said. “Nothing’s really out of bounds.” You got that, right. This is HTGAWM, after all. He also added, “I’d love to have him [Alfred Enoch] back,” he added. How To Get Away With Murder season 5 airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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