Iggy Azalea Wears Red Top With Sexy Cut-Outs, Covers Herself With Only Her Arms And Giant Sleeves

Iggy wore a risque red top and a blonde bob wig in some amazing photos that she posted to Instagram.

Iggy Azalea wore a super revealing and risque red top in a series of photos that she posted to her Instagram. The red top looks like it’s part of a leotard, and has interesting floral patterns throughout. The area under her bust and around it is actually cut out, which made it necessary for Iggy to pose strategically with her arms and huge red sleeves to keep the photos acceptable for social media. Noticeably, Iggy also wore a super short bob-cut wig, which prompted some fans to tell her that she looked like Sia.

Fans really loved the photos, sending tons of praise to the singer. One of the photos, which most clearly shows the cut of the shirt, garnered tons of likes, while others said “I do not understand the concept but I respect your vision B.” In this picture, Iggy’s seen posing with her hands in front of her while she looks to the left. Her face is mostly obscured, with just her lips peeking out. The top itself is undone at the collar, and turns into a high-cut black leotard.

Another photo focused the attention on Iggy’s face, as she wrapped her arms around her and hid most of her top from view. She wore dark eye make-up with strong eyeliner and pink shimmer lipstick.

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As Iggy keeps things exciting on her Instagram, some fans wonder if she’s doing it to entice Tyga, who previously said that he was “relieved” to hear that the singer was single. A source said that “As soon as Tyga read her tweet about being single, he hit her up and let her know that he’s ready and waiting for her if she decides she wants to make him her man,” detailed the Daily Mail.

Also, Tyga reportedly “thinks she is sexy” and was worried about what would happen if she was really dating Hopkins, reported the Hollywood Life.

“Tyga’s mind is always on sex so of course his big complaint was how Iggy’s new relationship would mean no more crazy, sexy twerking videos and naked pictures on the gram for him to lust over.”

This came after Iggy confirmed her relationship status with DeAndre Hopkins from the NFL on a radio show. Hours later, Hopkins denied the claim and Iggy also tweeted that she was single.


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Iggy also posted some new photos recently of a photoshoot with Fashion Nova. She wore a series of sexy, chic, and fashion-forward outfits. In one photo, she wore a denim ensemble with the front of the shirt mostly unbuttoned. In another, Iggy sported a shiny pink two-piece with thin black accents.

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