I'm A Celeb's Shane Richie to do next trial after saying Jessica would

I’m A Celebrity 2020 ‘Better get 12 stars after that b******g!’: Shane Richie says Jessica Plummer will do the next trial after acting ‘petrified’ in her first… only for the public to vote for HIM

The camp saw the lowest amount of meals on Monday after AJ Pritchard and Jessica Plummer only managed to nab six stars during their tough Trial.

And after the disappointing result Shane Richie, 56, confidently declared that the actress, 28, would be up for the next challenge too after being ‘so scared’.

However fans of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! were not impressed with the actor’s ‘b******g’ and voted for Shane to take on the Cruel Jewels Trial himself.

‘This is the  kind of karma I want to see’: Shane Richie found himself voted in for the next Trail after saying Jessica Plummer would do another after being ‘so scared’ on Monday’s episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

After the duo returned from the challenge, the EastEnders star chatted with Vernon Kay about how Jessica will end up doing more trials because of her performance.

Discussing how she was ‘petrified’, Shane suggested that this would keep her in the Trial danger zone as it was entertaining to watch for viewers at home. 

Not holding back on how he felt, he also added: ‘I say this every year I watch it. Why would you come and do it? You know what’s going to happen.’

Shane and Vernon caught up about the day while getting into their hammocks, with the actor saying: ‘Yeah tomorrow night, 100 per cent Jess.’

Disappointing: The camp saw the lowest amount of meals on Monday after AJ Pritchard and Jessica, 28, only managed to nab six stars during their tough Trial

Vernon then revealed that he was told by AJ that Jessica was ‘petrified’ during the challenge.

Shane then replied: ‘Basically it’s Jessica and Jordan, cut from the same cloth aren’t they.’ 

Vernon agreed, adding: ‘The more you show, the more they’re going to give it to you.’

It didn’t take long for viewers to question Shane’s words and take to Twitter to share their opinions, with some pleased that ‘karma’ saw him voted in to Tuesday’s Trial.

One person wrote: ‘Let’s just hope Shane can get full 12 stars after being such a b***h with Vernon! AJ and Jessica had the hardest trial this series!’

While another added: ‘It would be really interesting to see how many stars Shane gets on his own in the trial tomorrow. If he and Vernon can b***h about Jordan and Jessica, then I’m expecting a full house from him tomorrow.’ 

Reaction: Fans of the hit ITV show shared their opinions on Twitter with one many writing that they hope Shane will get all 12 stars after ‘b******g about Jessica’ on Monday night

‘Shane b******g with Vernon, saying it’ll be Jessical 100 per cent for tomorrow’s trial then he gets voted in is the kind of karma I want to see,’ added another fan.

Others shared entertaining memes about the situation, including one of the creepy jester portrait which was used in an episode of the show last week. 

Along with the snap, the viewer penned: ‘The public waiting for Shane to get 12 stars tomorrow after saying that about Jessica’

And another added: ‘If Shane gets anything less than six stars tomorrow Jessica has every right to laugh in his face’. 

Monday night’s I’m A Celebrity saw AJ and Jessica take on the latest trial, however they came back with the lowest amount of stars this series – a paltry six.

Prior to the challenge, campmate Giovanna seemed confident in the duo.

Letting it out: Shane also told Vernon, ‘I say the same thing every year when I watch it – why come on the show? You know what you’re going to have to do!’

Not happy: Jessica said she was ‘really gutted and disappointed’ with the result of her first Trial

‘They’re the babies of the camp, the youngest, they’ll smash it!’ she said, joining them for an impromptu Charleston dance to motivate themselves.

However, they failed to smash anything.

Ant and Dec explained that the Trial was a series of rooms and tunnels and 12 stars would be hidden inside – but everything would be in pitch black.

AJ and Jessica were told to enter separately and only given one bag for collecting the stars, having to find each other inside. 

The professional dancer said he’d look after the star bag so it was Jessica’s responsibility to find the stars and hand them to AJ.

Frustration: Monday night’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! saw AJ Pritchard and Jessica take on the latest trial

‘Oh you really can’t see anything, oh AJ!’ Jessica squealed on entry. 

Following AJ’s screams, Jessica found him and started feeling for stars in the dark, coming across different holes, passages and rooms – some featuring pigeons.

Only finding six, they finished the trial downtrodden. Jessica said: ‘I feel really gutted and disappointed.’ And AJ added: ‘It was so frustrating.’

When the pair returned to camp, Beverley and Giovanna tried to cheer them up, as they insisted they’d done their best.

Fuming! When the pair returned to camp, campmates were clearly upset with their efforts

As a result of the trial, the camp was given hare for dinner, which camp cooks Giovanna and Mo cooked whilst everyone else watched. 

Speaking in the Telegraph, camp leader Jordan said: ‘Mo and Giovanna are chopping it up and I just feel like everyone is watching them and I don’t know about you but especially in the kitchen if someone’s watching me I can’t do it.’

And Giovanna later added: ‘There’s definitely some micromanagement going on and when you’re in that situation you have to see it as people trying to be helpful rather than just sticking their oar in.’

Elsewhere in the show, Shane also ruffled a few feathers after AJ was unimpressed when he discovered the pans hadn’t been cleaned and ended the pair had a little tiff.

They’re off: AJ and Jessica were told to enter separately and only given one bag for collecting the stars, having to find each other inside

Six of one: Only finding six, they finished the trial downtrodden

AJ, 26, who is in charge of maintenance, said to Mo Farah and Giovanna Fletcher that he couldn’t boil water because the pots and pans hadn’t been cleaned. 

Giovanna then suggested that he should ask Shane, who alongside Ruthie Henshall was assigned washing as a chore, if he could clean a pan.

Talking in the Telegraph, AJ said: ‘I like my job because it’s like “gentle persuasion” or a nudge to some people to maybe say “here’s the washing up, it needs to be done”.’

AJ walked over to Shane, 56, and asked him to clean the pots and pans.

‘This is where people get p**** with each other!’: Elsewhere in the show AJ and Shane had a tiff over dirty pans

However Shane said: ‘I need hot water, I left them to soak last night, all ready to be cleaned but I need hot water.’ 

This didn’t go down too well with AJ, and the dancer pointed out: ‘But you’ve left them in the pan that does the hot water.’ 

Shane said ‘left what in the pan?’, to which AJ replied: ‘The big pan that we put the hot water in.’

Shane looked at Vernon as AJ walked away and said: ‘This ain’t working for me, the waiting for someone to do that…’

And speaking with deputy camp leader Victoria Derbyshire, Shane said: ‘This is where people get p**** with each other.’  

Victoria replied that they wouldn’t get wound up and Shane said:’No, we won’t.’

Talking in the Telegraph, Russell said: ‘Mood today in camp is a little different than it has been the past few days. Everyone has been given specific tasks and there’s been a little of needle, “have you done this”, “have you done that”.’ 

I’m A Celebrity continues nightly at 9PM on ITV. 

Bad timing: Shane said he needed hot water to clean out the pots, but AJ pointed out that they had been left soaking inside the big pan which the camp uses for putting water

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