Indian-American Teen Choked At Texas Middle School – & Gets More Punishment Than His Assailant!

A video of a Texas teenager being choked by a classmate is going viral and sparking outrage on social media.

A 14-year-old identified as Shaan Pritmani can be seen getting choked and pulled out of his seat by a classmate in a video reportedly published last week. The incident occurred at Coppell Middle School North in the suburban city of Coppell, Texas back on May 11.

Pritmani doesn’t fight back to defend himself — and yet he apparently received a more significant punishment than his alleged assailant. The North American Association of Indian Students rallied to his defense, publicizing the disturbing clip and the reported punishment (below):

“Disturbing footage of Shaan Pritmani, a middle school student, being assaulted and choked for over four minutes by a white student. The incident took place in a suburb of Dallas, Coppell Middle School. Shaan received three days of suspension while the assaulter received one day.”

Along with the message, the association shared the widely-circulating footage of the violent incident, which you can see HERE.

In an email to parents, the school district’s superintendent Dr. Brad Hunt explained that administrators are addressing the video’s content per the Student Code of Conduct:

“Coppell ISD is aware of a video circulating on social media showing an incident at Coppell Middle School North involving a physical altercation between two students. Bullying, both verbal and physical, as well as physical acts of aggression are never acceptable and do not align with who we are at CISD and our core values.”

Hunt’s email didn’t address suspension lengths for Pritmani or the other person involved. In the meantime, Sonika Kukreja, who was identified as Shaan’s mother, started a petition to get justice for her son. In it, she wrote:

“Due to lack of support from the Coppell ISD and Coppell PD to correctly handle this assault, we are demanding that the aggressor be removed from my son’s school immediately. Shaan should never have to take a class, interact, or pass the hallways with this aggressor ever again. Shaan should be able to continue his school experience, friendships and extra-curricular activities with zero worry of ever having to cross paths with this student again. He does not feel safe.”

The petition, which has more than 310,000 signatures, can be seen HERE.

We hope this situation will be adequately addressed by administrators.

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