Inside pregnant Charlotte Dawson’s incredible home with chic decking area and cardboard cutout of comedy legend dad Les

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Charlotte Dawson and her boyfriend Matthew Sarsfield opened the doors of their incredible home to OK! and told us all about their favourite parts of their abode.

The 27 year old star and her 28 year old boyfriend Matthew are expecting their first child together.

“I might have liked to go out and have a good time, but I know I’m going to be an amazing mum and will do anything for my baby,” she tells OK! in our exclusive interview.

As she welcomes us into her home, Charlotte first shows off her incredible kitchen and dining area, though she admits that she can’t cook that well.

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As her boyfriend Matthew agrees that she isn’t a dab hand in the kitchen, Charlotte insists that her cooking skills are “getting there”.

As the camera pans around the incredible kitchen with jars filled with sweets and candy that would rival those in Khloe Kardashian’s house, Charlotte shows off their fabulous giant mirror clock which hangs on the wall.

However, the star admits that the clock doesn’t work and might explain why she is always on the wrong time.

Moving into the dining area, a cardboard cutout of Charlotte’s dad, comedy legend Les Dawson, can be seen on the couch, surrounded by what she describes as a “shrine”, made up of cards and pictures.

Charlotte sweetly said of her father, who passed away from a heart attack when she was eight months old: “He sits in the middle of us, he is always with us.”

She then jokingly pointed to Matthew, as she said: “And keeping an eye on you!”

Moving out of the kitchen and dining area, Charlotte proudly shows off the pair’s living area, admitting that it has been the scene of a number of parties.

As she sits down on the very comfortable-looking and massive sofa, Charlotte says it is her “pride and joy.”

The star admits that she uses the many cushions to exert her anger or frustration if Matthew has annoyed her, as she bangs her hand into one.

Charlotte tells us that she is so fond of her huge couch that she’s not keen on people sitting on it and admits that it gives her “anxiety”.

Walking out the open doors leading out of the living area, Charlotte and Matt unveil their stunning decking area.

Charlotte says she feels like she is on holiday when out on their decking, which has wooden flooring and a glass wall acting as a railing, while it is surrounded by lush greenery.

Matt says the pair regularly enjoy a glass of wine out on the decking, though pregnant Charlotte says she is currently drinking orange juice, as she rubs her baby bump.

Continuing on on their house tour, Charlotte takes OK! into their bedroom where she says “the real magic happens.”

The loved-up pair joke about conceiving their unborn baby in the bedroom, as Matt jokingly holds up a pillow above his crotch.

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Charlotte reveals that she used to have to fall asleep to the sound of the TV or have lights on, but Matthew has banned both from the bedroom, telling his girlfriend of four years that she needs quality sleep.

The decor in the room is largely pink, which Matt admits he likes, leaving a delighted Charlotte clapping her hands and saying “winner winner, chicken dinner.”

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