Inside the $30,000 Grammy’s 2019 swag bag – from DNA test to gold lollipop

You might think the best part of the awards season is watching the Hollywood A-listers stalking the red carpet in their couture gowns – but actually, it’s all about the swag bags.

Each awards ceremony is known for its unique take on the goodie bag, with film stars able to take home thousands of pounds worth of freebies even if they don’t win a gong.

And this year’s Grammy’s 2019 swag bag looks like it could be the most luxurious one yet, as it’s worth a whopping $30,000 (£23,000).

In it are physical items – including a $90 Biblical Threads designer hoodie, a Blazon custom hairbrush, a beaded bracelet from Inspire Me and luxe skincare products by Instytutum – and the metaphysical, such as the promise of a week-long stay at The Golden Door spa in Southern California, worth a staggering $8,850.

Among the more unusual gifts in the swag bag are an egg-decorating kit from Eggmazing, worth $25, and a bright yellow plushie shark that sings the Baby Shark song when squeezed.

There’s also a gene-testing kit from 23AndMe, so stars can send off for a breakdown of their DNA.

Each recipient will also get their hands on a gourmet 24-karat gold Sumptuous lollipop, each one handcrafted to include a delicate leaf of gold encased in sugar.

And they’ll also be given their own colour-changing lipstick from Blush & Whimsy, which has quite the Instagram following.

Other freebies available to snaffle include gourmet almonds, posh chocolates, fancy mouth floss and toothpaste, vegan tomato juice, socks, haircare products and Manuka honey.

There’s also jewellery, Old Spice bodywash products, room spray, a tongue wand, dog leashes and lip-shaped keyrings that make a kissing sound when pressed up for grabs.

Tired celebs will be able to use their Vitamin C eye gel patches and reusable face washcloth in their nighttime routines – before reaching for their free pack of cookie dough for a midnight snack.

And the more mathematically minded among the A-listers will enjoy the $1,000 to invest in stocks through financial services Stash.

But fear not – the well refreshed celebs won’t be forced to carry all this swag out of the ceremony with them on the night.

Instead, they’ll have been invited to visit the Grammy Gift Lounge throughout this week during the rehearsals so they and their assistants can stock up on goodies.

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