‘Is that my tracksuit?’ Stacey Solomon’s home renovation antics leave Joe Swash fuming

Stacey Solomon covered in paint after using paint sprayer

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Armed with a paint spray gun, Loose Women star Stacey Solomon had been getting to work on decorating the house that she shares with former EastEnders actor Joe Swash. However, Joe hadn’t bargained on her swiping his clothes for the occasion.

You took your tracksuit off and put mine on?!

Joe Swash

Having now perfected the Cluedo room and surprised Joe with a “man cave” for his birthday, she had been keen to work her transformation magic on other areas of the house.

Worried about getting dirty, Stacey had stripped out of her own clothes to protect them, and, to Joe’s horror, changed into his.

Even then, she was still facing very dirty work as she attempted to spray paint rooms like her kitchen.

“I’ve got actual paint over me so I’m going to get back inside and shower and try and get rid of it,” a mischievous Stacey told the camera during a moment of time off, while brandishing grimy, paint-stained fingers.

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“This is how I ended up!” she captioned her video clip.

“Couldn’t sit down and upload [the video] before I got in the shower, it was everywhere.”

She added: “Also Joe wasn’t impressed that I borrowed his tracksuit for the occasion.”

He could be heard in the background, shouting: “Is that my tracksuit?”

Contorting her face into one of mock innocence, she replied: “It’s an old one!”

Yet he hit back: “You took your tracksuit off and put mine on?!”

Talking on her Instagram Stories, Stacey uploaded video footage of the entire transformation process, showing her painstakingly spraying the walls, while masked up to avoid inhaling the fumes.

“It was hard to get it right at first,” she wrote.

“Standing at least a metre away and keeping my movements consistent and constant, up and down, gave me smooth coats with no drips.”

Meanwhile, she seemed to have installed a makeshift swing in the house for her children, though some internet research on the different options available to buy had presented more adult options.

“Really wish I hadn’t Googled that,” she chortled.

“I must be the most boring person on the planet, I can’t think of anything worse than swinging about while….” She then dissolved into giggles.

The bathroom she created for her and Joe’s son Rex was already decorated earlier in the week, with Stacey chuckling: “Sticking dino feet to the wall and making toilet roll holders out of T-Rexs was the BEST.

“Can’t [wait] for all of the bath time fun before you grow up and start soap dodging like your big brothers!” she said, addressing her youngest boy.

“Now please stay obsessed with dinos for at least ten years!”

An avid audience has enjoyed watching the house transformation take shape, with Stacey having just celebrated reaching the five million followers mark.

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