Jack Whitehall unveils ‘breakfast of champions’ as he pours Bailey’s over cereal

Jack Whitehall indulged in the ‘breakfast of champions’ as he topped off his Crunchy Nut with a very large helping of Bailey’s.

And we’re not too sure this will take off…

The comedian shared a video on Instagram as he prepared his breakfast – complete with an Arsenal bowl – before realising his milk had gone off.

Side note: The alcohol selection in his fridge is absolutely top notch.

Coming up with a clever solution, the 31-year-old was handed a bottle of Bailey’s by someone of screen, which he decided to pour over  his cereal instead.

Not quite content with the generous helping of creamy liqueur all over his cornflakes, he also added a sprinkling of sugar, Salt Bae style.

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Breakfast of champions.

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How did Jack’s attempt at breakfast taste? About as well as we expected, to be honest.

Grimacing, he said: ‘That is so sweet, I can’t eat anymore.’

Fans couldn’t get enough of the hilarious clip, flocking to the comments to praise Jack’s culinary ‘skills’.

‘This is why he’s my favourite comedian,’ a follower replied, while another agreed: ‘He is the best thing ever.’

And one suggested: ‘Next time you should try cocoa pops and baileys….’

Yeah, maybe Jack should just steer clear of alcoholic cereals for the time being…

The Bad Education star made headlines after going public with new girlfriend Roxy Horner – with the pair spotted kissing on the street during a romantic stroll.

According to insiders, the pair decided to make things official just before lockdown was put in place back in March.

‘Jack and Roxy are enjoying being in isolation together,’ they told the Sun.

‘It’s all very new but they’re in their own little bubble and things are perfect at the moment.’ 

Well, not quite perfect as Roxy took a pair of scissors to his hair, leaving him with a ‘disastrous’ bald patch.

At least he’s got time to grow it out…

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