Jackie Mason dead: Legendary comedian and actor dies at 93 after two-week hospital stay

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Jackie Mason’s death yesterday has been confirmed by longtime friend and lawyer Raoul Felder. The comic died at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, with his wife Jyll and a few pals by his side.

We shall never see his like again. This was a mould that was broken

There will be a small, private funeral service for the 93-year-old in New York, said Raoul, who declined to name the location.

While a public memorial service is expected at a later date.

“We shall never see his like again. This was a mold that was broken,” the star’s emotional pal stated to The New York Post.

“We’re going to miss him.”

Jackie is thought to have been hospitalised two weeks ago.

The rabbi-turned-comedian became known for his amused outrage on stage, and hilarious social commentary. 

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