Jacob Sartorius Up With It Music Video, Song Lyrics, Download

Jacob Sartorius might be in a relationship with Millie Bobby Brown at the moment, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to get married any time soon. But just because the 15-year-old (probably) won’t have a wedding in the near future doesn’t mean he can’t attend one in his latest music video for “Up With It.”

The teen plays a sought-after wedding singer in the adorable new vid, which is almost guaranteed to give you the #feels.

“‘Up With It’ is basically about wearing your feelings on your sleeve and not being ashamed to tell that special someone how they make you feel,” the musical.ly star told Billboard. “We wrote this song a while back — I was really in my feelings about a certain girl and I just didn’t care about telling her exactly how I felt.”

Check out the music video for “Up With It” above and click here to stream it on Spotify or here to download it on iTunes.

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