James Martin on why he failed to achieve dream career: ‘It was never going to happen’

James Martin smokes a trout using Yorkshire tea

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James Martin, 49, has become a staple of British TV since he launched his BBC cooking show Saturday Kitchen in 2006. And despite his phenomenal culinary success and with a new book on the way, this wasn’t always what the chef wanted to do.

I did want to be a racing driver but my a**e is too big!

James Martin

In a recent interview, James opened up about how he always dreamt of being a Formula 1 driver, but it wasn’t meant to be.

“I did want to be a racing driver but my a**e is too big!” he laughed. 

“Don’t forget I’m a farmer’s kid, the closest I got to a go cart was a massive Ferguson tracker.

“It was never going to happen for me.”

But even though he went down a different path in life, his triumphs have led him to find other opportunities to do with racing.

The food enthusiast went on to discuss how he had been test driving with British racing driver Jason Plato for fun, at Goodwood in Sussex.

He gushed: “That’s my release, to be there learning off these drivers is amazing.

“I put Chef’s, artists and even drivers in the same pot, they all want to learn!”

He was also pleased that the drivers he met were all interested in food.

“A lot of the drivers are interested in food which is great for me,” he explained to Manchester Gossip.

“Jason helped me shave 5 seconds off my lap time yesterday by sharing some great tips.

“One thing racing driving and chefs have in common is you have to be nuts to do either for a living.”

He added, chuckling: “Let’s face it, who wants to start at 8am and work until 1am and do the same again the following day.”

James revealed earlier this week that he and his team have begun to film the new series of Saturday Morning, after having taken a well deserved break for summer.

The famed TV chef announced the news in a fun fuelled video where he also discussed his new book, which is available to pre-order now.

Sharing the footage to Twitter, James appeared in his kitchen where he took viewers on a little tour of what was new.

“There’s two reasons I’m sending this video,” he beamed, “first of all, it’s the new series – we filmed today.”

He teased his first guest was Steps star Faye Tozer, who had to rush off due commitments in the West End.

“We had an amaing day, amazing chefs, it’s going to be a great week!” he giggled excitedly before getting distracted.

“Look at my new toy,” his eyes sparkled as he looked at the camera.

“My Himalayan salt fridge!”

James showed off the meat inside as he gave viewers a brief look at the other new additions to the kitchen, including an eye-catching bonsai tree.

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