Jax Taylor Slams the Kardashians and Younes: ‘Get Over It’

The war of the reality stars! Vanderpump Rules vet Jax Taylor is continuing his ongoing feud with Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex-boyfriend on Twitter. Two days after running into Younes Bendjima at the gym and posting a shady photo on Instagram, the 39-year-old reality star is still defending the snapshot.

When a fan wrote that his pic was “hilarious” on Wednesday, August 15, Taylor responded, “Of course it was, it was fu—king brilliant, all you pu—ies who say s—t wish you thought of it first. We all get dumped get over it. Old news move on.”

When another user tweeted at Taylor that the “Kardashians are royalty,” he retweeted the message. “Royalty? You need your brain checked,” he replied.

On Monday, August 13, the SUR employee posted an Instagram Story at the gym that featured Kardashian’s ex in the background. “When kourtney kardashian dumps you and you have to slum it like the rest of us At a normal gym. no more figi [sic] diamond water either. Got to drink that smart water now,” he wrote.

He later tweeted that if Bendjima needed a job, he could help him out. “tom and tom need a dj still at @TomTom not a hard gig, I can put in a good word,” he wrote on Wednesday, referring to Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz’s new restaurant.

However, Taylor didn’t mean any harm by the post. “I just thought well this could be a funny tweet,” he tweeted on Tuesday, August 14. “Hey when you sign up for this lifestyle you gotta expect a little innocent humor, if you can’t laugh at this or yourself, then I feel bad for you. Who cares!!!”

Kardashian, 39, and Bendjima, 26, split earlier this month after two years together.

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