Jefferson Starship Share ‘It’s About Time’ Co-Written By Grace Slick

Legendary rock band Jefferson Starship have released “It’s About Time,” a song from their upcoming EP, Mother of the Sun.

The song, the band’s first single in twelve years, was co-written by former singer Grace Slick alongside current singer Cathy Richardson and guitarist Jude Gold.

“Can’t you feel the planet getting hotter? / How can you sit back and watch your own slaughter?” Richardson sings in the politically charged new song. “Old white men have had their turn / Thousands of years, what have we learned?”

The seven-track EP also includes a song co-written by former singer and guitarist Marty Balin, who died in 2018, as well as three tracks featuring former bassist Pete Sears.

In a statement, Richardson said Mother of the Sun, which is set to drop on August 21, is dedicated to former Jefferson Starship guitarist Paul Kantner, who died in 2016.

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