Jenelle Evans’ Ex Fears For Son’s Safety After Her Road Rage: She’s ‘Dangerous’ Around Kids

Jenelle Evans’ ex Nathan Griffith spoke out again about her road rage incident, saying that he believes she’s too dangerous to be around their son! Here’s why he thinks he could get custody.

Nathan Griffith is terrified that ex Jenelle Evans‘ intense road rage could put their four-year-old son, Kaiser Griffith, in danger. After finding out that Jenelle flipped out on a man while driving, allegedly following him to his home and pulling out a loaded firearm while Kaiser’s eight-year-old half-brother Jace Eason was in the car with her, is enough to get him full custody. He spoke to TMZ about the incident, saying that he’s even siding with her husband, David Eason! Teen Mom fans know that doesn’t happen often!

“I am afraid that if she keeps a loaded weapon inside a vehicle and she keeps it that accessible without a lock on it; it’s very dangerous to be around children,” Nathan told TMZ. “You know, certain just unspoken laws about… you know, always treat your gun like it’s loaded. You know I don’t agree with David a lot, but he made a strong statement. She shouldn’t just be following a grown man home; she probably shouldn’t have been following anyone home period, especially with her aggressive personality. Because depending on the situation that guy could’ve had a gun, too, and it could’ve been an all-out brawl. Children could’ve been hurt, he could’ve been hurt. It could’ve been a bloodbath.”

You know, he’s not wrong. Jenelle’s currently in a brutal custody battle with Nathan’s mom over Kaiser, and he believes that this could be the deciding factor in who gets to take care of their son. “I think this helps me get custody of Kaiser because it shows that I’m a stable environment and it shows a very hectic situation instead of being calm and smoothed over,” he said. “It shows it escalating where it could be potentially more hazardous. So I think it shows, like I said, that the child might be in danger [by] being in a hostile situation like that and not making sound judgement to keep the child safe.”

“Of course, we’re going to investigate farther [sic] into the raw footage [from Teen Mom 2] and maybe try to bring some things to court,” he added.

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