Jennifer Lopez Wishes Alex Rodriguez’s Daughter A Happy Birthday Amid Breakup

What happens to a blended family when they have to un-blend?

That’s what Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are navigating now. As you probably know, they recently broke off their engagement (for real this time) after four years of dating. While J.Lo reportedly couldn’t “trust” the baseball player anymore, their four young kids were still super close, and had clearly developed a bond with their parents’ respective partners.

Though Jenny From the Block may never become stepmother to A-Rod’s two daughters, she obviously still has love for them, too. She proved as much on Wednesday with a sweet birthday shout-out to his youngest child, 13-year-old Ella, on her Instagram Story. The pic showed Jen and Ella cuddled up, with the caption:

“Happy Birthday Ella Bella”

Aww. Bittersweet.

Ella and her sister Natasha, as well as the actress’s twins Max and Emme, played a major role in keeping the couple together as their relationship declined. A source previously told Us Weekly:

“A-Rod’s girls and J. Lo’s kids are really close, so the reason why they stayed together for as long as they did was to make their kids happy. They still have love for each other that I think will never go away.”

Of course, the former Yankees player also shared birthday wishes for his newly-minted teenager. He wrote in an Instagram post:

“13. Wow. That number has meant a lot to me over the years, but today, it’s even more special than ever. I just can’t believe my Ella Bella turns 13 today. My baby girl is officially a teenager!!
Ella – everyday you amaze me more than I could have ever imagined. You are smart, mature, talented, caring, and funny. I am so proud of the young woman you are becoming and so lucky and grateful to be your dad. I love you so much.
Happy magical 13th birthday sweetheart!

A post shared by Alex Rodriguez (@arod)

The post was accompanied by a video montage with photos of Ella — including some pics with the twins and even solo shots of Ella with the Hustlers star.

Now, given how close the families were, and how recent the breakup was, we get why they’d be included in the montage of Ella’s life. But considering the MLB alum’s IG Story of his J.Lo shrine right before the breakup was announced, we can’t help but think her inclusion in the birthday post comes off a tad… thirsty. After all, an insider recently revealed to E! News:

“He is respecting her wishes right now but has high hopes they will get back together. He’s doing anything in his power to make J.Lo happy.”

Seems like that ship has sailed, but we do feel for the kids caught in the middle of this situation. There’s clearly still a lot of love between the families. Wishing them the best as they navigate a romantic and familial breakup.

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