Jenny Slatten, Sumit Singh Test Positive for Covid-19 Amidst Crisis in India

In January, 90 Day Fiance star Jenny Slatten shared and update on her status with Sumit Singh.

They were still together, still not married, and still in India.

In recent weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened in India to levels beyond what anyone had expected.

Unfortunately, Jenny and Sumit have both tested positive for this deadly virus.

On Sumit Singh’s account, the couple released a statement via Instagram Stories.

“Thank you all for praying for us,” Jenny and Sumit expressed.

They were clearly touched by the level of concern as the world’s second-most populous nation borders on collapse.

“Thank you all for hoping [the] best for us,” the couple wrote to fans.

“And,” their statement continued, “for wishing us good health and [to] stay safe.”

At 62, Jenny may be at-risk for COVID. Despite being 33, Sumit’s diabetes also puts him at risk.

“Sorry to inform you all that we both are COVID positive,” Jenny and Sumit told their fans and followers.

“We are doing OK,” they assured anyone reading.

“And hoping to recover asap,” their statement concluded. “Love you all.”

For some time, Jenny and Sumit’s comments have shown a justified level of concern.

“Hi Jenny I hope all is ok with you both with the COVID outbreak,” one fan wrote. “Thinking of you both.”

Another commented: “Please stay safe!! you and Sumit need to be careful.”

That same fan added: “We are hearing scary news about COVID and India!!”

Jenny told one fan: “We are trying our best to be ok. Not leaving our house at all for any reason.”

She did acknowledge that the situation “is critical” and that they were both doing their best.

Jenny has now been in India with Sumit for over a year.

Most of that time has been strongly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, viewers even saw them wear what we can only refer to as talismans that Sumit’s family hoped would help.

If it were intended to a spiritual sign of protection, most fans would have been cool with it.

Nothing wrong with spiritual or religious methods of protection so long as you are also taking all of the medical advice.

But fans were weirded out that these cards were supposed to be rooted in science … all evidence to the contrary.

But unscientific placebo devices sold by alleged scammers are not responsible for the current outbreak.

A key factor has been the emergence of especially infectious variants of the virus.

The spread has also been driven by more and more unrestricted social interactions and by low vaccine coverage.

In January, Jenny appeared on 90 Day Bares All to discuss her stay in India.

“When the pandemic hit, they shut the borders, then no flights in, no flights out,” she shared at the time.

Jenny continued: “So, I just apply for an extension every month.”

“So, that’s the way I’ve been doing it,” Jenny explained.

She spelled it out: “Every month, new extension.”

But this was clearly not a permanent solution.

“My [travel] visa can expire,” Jenny warned.

“And if they don’t want to extend it,” she feared, “that’s when I’m probably going to have to leave the country.”

That would not be a worry if she and Sumit had married.

But Sumit refuses to marry Jenny because, right now, it would mean cutting ties with his parents.

They disapprove of the 30-year age gap, and though that’s not their business, they insist upon intruding in their son’s life.

Eventually, Sumit will have to choose between the woman he loves and his controlling family.

For now, we hope that he and Jenny make a full recovery.

Just as some seemingly healthy people sicken and die from COVID, some at-risk people make it through.

We are rooting for Jenny and Sumit to be well — and ideally, to marry if that is still their desire.

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