Jessica Simpson Struts Her Stuff In A Lingerie-Style Dress

Jessica Simpson is a pop star-turned-fashionista.

Jessica Simpson is a pop star-turned-fashionista who makes the gossip pages more for her fashion choices than for her music.

And today’s news report in the Daily Mail suggests that her day of fun also included a lot of fashion, as she stepped outside in a lingerie-style dress that was just as sexy as it was show-stopping.

With black and white lace on the trim and a floral pattern, Jessica Simpson had a slinky, shimmering style to show off to the world. The lingerie-style dress, which rested well above her knee, was paired with a red, black, and blue blazer and a leopard-printed, oversized bag.

She capped the look off with a pair of thigh-high, high-heeled, black suede boots and shimmering — but minimal — jewelry.

While it looked like the outfit was hastily put together — especially since Jessica had a bit of a “bed head” look going on with her hair — it was revealed that her blazer was actually from the Gucci fashion house and retails for nearly $4,000. Of course, cheaper options are also available.

Eric Johnson, Jessica’s longtime husband with whom she has two children, also stepped out with his gorgeous wife.

You can check out some photos at the link above.

While this bit of news is certainly positive, not all of the news about Jessica Simpson has been positive.

Recently, the former songstress was “mom shamed” on Instagram after she shared a video of her son, Ace, being thrown into a backflip in a pool by her husband.

Jessica captioned the video, “a broken arm doesn’t keep this kiddo down.” (Her son broke his arm on June 19th, but it isn’t clear how that happened. The cast he was wearing was waterproof.)

From the minute Jessica posted the video, fans blasted her and questioned her mothering skills.

“I love you, Jess, but is it a good idea to throw a child in the pool with a cast on, waterproof or not?” asked one concerned fan. Another said that it was the most “ridiculous thing” to do as a parent.

Still, there were many loyal fans who came to the defense of the fashionista, who pointed out that Eric was flipping Ace into a pool of water, and not onto concrete.

Despite all of the negative feedback, however, Jessica Simpson still seems to be a great mom, a great businesswoman, and a star who still has all the right stuff in all the right places.

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