Jewel Hates Sexist Jokes But Will Let It Slide When They're Aimed at Ann Coulter

Comedy Central hosts Roasts of various celebrities, especially those who’ve been involved in a scandal recently. The insults are usually things said in jest about the recipients of said insults and are a fun way of allowing celebrities to let off steam about the person on the hot seat.

When Comedy Central decided to host the Roast of Rob Lowe in 2016, they didn’t anticipate that an unexpected guest would outweigh Lowe with the number of insults they received. Pundit Ann Coulter got so much heat it was almost cringy to watch. Among those who insulted Coulter was renowned singer, Jewel. Read on to find out what Jewel had to say about Coulter.

Jewel was discovered at a coffee shop

The musician was born in Utah, but shortly after, her family moved to their Alaska homestead. Jewel’s parents divorced when she was eight, and she moved in with her father. She and her father lived at a house that was far away from town, and she spent most of her time exploring the outdoors. Jewel performed in bars around the town and sometimes would perform with her father. After receiving a scholarship to a Michigan Art School, she moved and learned how to play the guitar. She began songwriting at the art school. She then moved to California and began playing in coffee houses.

The talented singer was discovered during one of the days she was playing at a coffee shop. She got signed to Atlantic Records and released her first album in 1995 called Pieces of You. The album, however, didn’t break even. Her big break came when she curtain-raised for Bob Dylan in 1997, and her song ‘Who Will Save Your Soul’ got massive airplay. Although the album was met with lukewarm reviews, it made it to the top 4 on the Billboard charts.

Jewel is known for her vulnerable lyrics and sweet melodies. However, in 2003 the songbird released a pop-sounding album, which was a stark contrast to her previous sound. Fans and critics didn’t like the album and criticized her a lot saying that she had strayed too far from her catchy melodic and folksy sound.

Why was Jewel at the ‘Roast of Rob Lowe’?

Aside from making music, Jewel also doubles as an author and actor. She has starred in various movies such as Framed for Murder: A Fixer Upper Mystery and Concrete Evidence: A Fixer Upper Mystery. In both of these movies, Jewel plays a contractor and investigator called Shannon Hughes.

In 2016 Jewel was invited to the Roast of Rob Lowe to provide a musical approach to the event. She had met Lowe when the two were to film The Lyon’s Den. She appeared for one episode of the show and the two remained friends. During the Roast session, the singer performed a parody of her hit song, You Were Meant for Me. In the piece, Jewel joked about being the 16-year-old who was having sex with Lowe in his 1988 sex tape. Other people who were on the show included Pete Davidson, David Spade, and Ann Coulter.

Jewel didn’t hold back from ripping Coulter apart

Coulter is known for her unfiltered and often offensive comments and views about anything not Republican. She is a well-known Conservative pundit who doesn’t hold back from being the devil’s advocate. Coulter is famous for her hateful views, racist comments, and false and exaggerated claims about historical events.

During the Roast, many people seemed to have aimed most of their insults toward Coulter, which seemed to make the pundit visibly uncomfortable. Many of the insults aimed at Coulter used sexist tropes and misogynistic language. However, singer Jewel seemingly stole the show when she said, “As a feminist, I don’t agree with what’s being said here … but as someone who hates Anne Coulter, I’m delighted,” a statement which the crowd applauded.

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