Jill Duggar: I Voted! Maybe for Joe Biden!

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have done their civic duty.

By exposing the former’s parents as controlling and manipulative?

No. That’s not what we’re referring to at the moment, at least.

Instead, Jill inforrmed Instagram followerrs that she and her husband braved some rainy conditions, along with a global pandemic, in order to vote in the 2020 election.

Alongside a photo with Derick and their oldest son, Israel, Jill wrote as a caption;

“Rain or shine, we’ll vote! Voting is a privilege & lets your voice be heard!”

Well done, you two. Both in terms of voting and in terms of encouraging others to do the same.

Continued Jill, perhaps offering a hint about her ballot:

“I’ve tried to get better at doing my research too!

“It can seem daunting at first, but looking up your sample ballot and then the local candidates, issues & amendments & all is super important too!

“And don’t forget about the local elected independent/bipartisan positions like judges, prosecutors, etc. that might be on your ballot and affect so much.”

Jill, of course, did not reveal for whom she voted.

But there’s a reason to think she broke from family tradition and went with Joe Biden.

How come?

For starters, Jill has been breaking from tradition all over the place of late, wearing revealing bathing suits, drinking alcohol and even using birth control during intercourse.

Jill has also spoken to People Magazine about the estrangement from her mother and father, going public with a feud we had merely theorized about for months.

Said Duggar to this publication this month:

“Our control to choose what jobs we were allowed to accept and even where we were allowed to live was taken away from us.”

She and Dillard candidly told the publication that they weren’t even permitted to set their own goals — and said Jim Bob Duggar pocketed all the money they believe they were owed by TLC.

We know that Jill’s loved ones are all voting for Donald Trump.

Heck, 20-year-old Jason Duggar even got”creative while mowing the lawn recently and carved a “TRUMP 2020” message into the landscape.

Jana shared a photo of this message, too, strongly implying that she supported the current Commander-in-Chief.

Jill, however? She did no such sharing.

Not of the Trump-themed lawn, that is.

On her Instagram Story, however, Jill posted/shared a meme/message that read:

“Kamala is beloved, Donald is fearfully and wonderfully made. Mike is cherished, Joe is important enough that I died for him.”

She’s talking about Kamala Harris, Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Joe Biden…. in case the first names threw you off.

Does this mean Jill voted for Biden for sure?


But most Democrats do get out there and vote and tell others to excercise this same right; while most Republicans are more into suppressing the vote.

Combine Jill’s latest post with her ongoing trashing of her family… with her more liberal lifestyle these days and the “research” she admits to having done prior to casting her ballot?

And, well, you can draw your own conclusion.

But we think Jill is firmly on Team Joe Biden.

What about you, dearr readers?

Who did you vote for this election?

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