Jinger Duggar Gets Mom-Shamed Again: Enough With the Head Wraps!

Back in July, Jinger Duggar welcomed her first child.

And like so many of her sisters, she’s enjoyed sharing all the joys of her motherhood with her millions of social media followers.

Unfortunately, as with her sisters, many of Jinger’s followers visit her page for the sole purpose of talking trash.

Yes, mom-shaming the Duggars is a favorite activity of many Instagram trolls.

And the folks who engage in this sort of activity really don’t need much to set them off.

They can be triggered by Jessa Duggar’s messy house, Jill’s perceived shortcomings as a homeschool teacher, or even Felicity Vuolo’s head wraps.

Yes, Jinger enjoys putting various forms of headgear on her child, and for reasons we can’t quite figure, a very vocal contingent of Instagram users finds this practice reprehensible.

And the craziest part is, they can’t even agree on why it’s wrong.

At first, Jinger was slammed for cultural appropriation.

As is the case most of the time that term is used, people were angry, but they weren’t really sure why.

Now that that argument has been laid to rest — probably because Jinger’s haters realized no culture can lay claim to the practice of wrapping fabric around a baby’s head — several new ones have emerged.

Jinger recently posted the photo below to Instagram, setting off a whole new round of criticism:

“Felicity helping Uncle Scott with interviews,” she captioned the pic.

Seems innocent enough, but some fans took issue with little Lissy’s hat.

A few speculated that Jinger is planning to launch a children’s fashion line, and she’s “using” Felicity to model her wares.

There’s no indication that’s true, but even if it were … would that really be so bad?

Others simply don’t care for Felicity’s fashion sense.

“Young moms are going overboard with head wraps for their girls all the time,” wrote one.

Another commented that Felicity looks like “an old lady.”

Yes, the kind of people who spend their time insulting babies on the internet are firmly convinced that their voices deserve to be heard.

This is some peak 2018 sh-t right here, folks. 

We shudder to think what next year might bring.

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