Joan Collins once slammed ‘pathetic gold-digger’ exes who she said tried to take fortune

Dame Joan Collins recalls 'embarrassing' hospital visit

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Dame Joan Collins, 88, will be appearing in Piers Morgan’s Life Stories tonight. The Hollywood star is currently married to her fifth husband, Percy Gibson, but she has previously opened up about being unlucky in love before this.

In an unearthed column, Joan explained how her husband Percy was a “prince” but said she had to “kiss a lot of frogs” before she met him.

Joan was writing during the time after Guy Ritchie refused to take a share of Madonna’s earnings during their divorce.

However, the acclaimed author admitted she hadn’t been so lucky in her own marriages.

Joan has tied the knot five times and she labelled some of her exes as “pathetic gold-diggers”.

She penned in a column for the Daily Mail back in 2008: “I despise men who think they deserve money from a woman.

“The material gal did not marry a material guy – lucky for her – and he’s showing a great example to other men who greedily demand money and property from their wealthier exes.

“After all, who should know better about this than me?

“I have been caught in the ‘gimme-the-money’ trap with ex-husbands and boyfriends more times than I care to remember.”

Joan continued: “I’ve thought that the men in question were pathetic gold-diggers, because I was brought up to believe that men should take care of their women – although those ideals are quite old-fashioned by today’s standards.”

Joan’s first marriage was to actor Maxwell Reed shortly after she graduated from Rada at 18.

He was 14 years older than her but their marriage only lasted four years before they split in 1956.

She later tied the knot again to singer-songwriter Anthony Newley in 1963.

The couple had two children together, Tara, now 57, and Alexander, now 55.

Her third husband was American businessman Ron Kass, with who she shares daughter Katyana Kennedy Kass, 48.

Joan was also married to former singer Peter Holm in 1985 but their relationship ended in a bitter separation.

She is now happily married to Percy, who is 31 years her junior, after they wed in 2002.

Speaking about specific examples with her ex-husbands, Joan said her divorce to Maxwell cost her $10,000 (£7,150), which she had to borrow from the studio she was working at.

Joan said her marriages to Anthony and Ron were very happy but this was not the case with her fourth to Peter.

Calling it the “second-biggest mistake” of her life, Joan opened up about their divorce in her piece for the Mail.

She explained: “When the divorce finally came to trial, the judge was shocked by the Swede’s greed.

“Because we had thankfully signed a prenuptial agreement, the judge actually ruled that since he’d taken so much during our marriage I had to give him only the nominal sum of $80,000 (£56,680), which I was only too happy to do.

“The marriage had already cost me enough both financially and emotionally, and I was thrilled to get back to my life again.”

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