John Krasinski Kisses Pete Davidson During ‘Saturday Night Live’ Monologue – Watch Now!

John Krasinski and Pete Davidson are locking lips on Saturday Night Live!

The 41-year-old A Quiet Place actor and director hosted the sketch show for the first time on Saturday (January 30).

During his opening monologue, SNL cast members kept asking John questions about The Office, confusing him for his character Jim.

John didn’t understand why they kept doing that, so Pete Davidson came out to explain the confusion.

Pete explained because of the quarantine, people have been binging The Office while stuck at home, so now they only see John as Jim.

In order for them to stop confusing him for Jim, Pete suggested that John “just kiss” Pam (aka Jenna Fischer).

Since Jenna wasn’t there, John grabbed Pete‘s face and gave him big smooch on the lips!

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