John Mulaney’s pregnant girlfriend wants us to know that they’re still together

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John Mulaney’s pregnant girlfriend gave an interview to Entertainment Tonight this week. It’s almost as if she knew she was going to do some promotional media and it was a “happy accident” that everyone was talking about the state of her relationship with Mulaney over the weekend. Anyway, ET asked her about her pregnancy and relationship and this is how ET reported it:

“Justine and I had a long conversation about this the other day, honestly, I’m just excited about meeting whoever it is, and bringing a little person into this world,” she says.

Over the weekend, Munn and Mulaney’s names were trending on social media after rumors that the two have split. However, ET has learned that reports of a split are not true.

[From ET]

I swear to God, there is no point in being this f–king coy. She’s literally sitting right there, giving an interview. She clearly said “off the record, we didn’t break up” and ET just ran it as “ET has learned that reports of a split are not true.”

“Insiders” and “sources” have been busy this week, talking to other outlets as well. John Mulaney’s pregnant girlfriend also seemingly went to her favorite outlet, Us Weekly, to praise herself for being such a feminist iconoclast. (The reason why I know Us Weekly is her favorite outlet is that over the years, she’s gone there to sh-t talk her exes and hookups, like when she spilled all about her affair with Justin Timberlake.)

Doing things her way. Olivia Munn had motherhood on the brain before she started seeing John Mulaney, a source tells Us Weekly.

“Becoming a mom was always more important to her than settling down in a conventional way,” the insider says. “She’s a real feminist and doesn’t need a man by her side 24/7. She never has.”

“She’s incredibly picky and John was somebody she definitely wanted to get to know if there was ever a point where they were both single,” the source adds of Munn. “John is much more of a work in progress than Olivia, but Olivia needed this change to her life. It’s been a rough last several years for her where she was stuck in a rut. This changes things up and gives her something to focus on beyond her career and social life.”

[From Us Weekly]

Reasons NOT to have a baby: proving feminist credentials, proving that you don’t need men, and needing to focus on something other than your career. This poor child hasn’t even been born yet and I feel so sorry for the kid. Yikes. In any case, it’s clear that they’re still together. But she’s definitely telegraphing the fact that a breakup will happen soon.

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