Johnny Depp Calls Kate Moss Who Undercuts Amber Heard's Allegation

Kate Moss took the stand in Depp vs. Heard Wednesday … and squarely told a radically different story from the one Amber Heard told the jury.

Kate and Johnny Depp were a couple in the mid-90s, and Amber had said on the stand … she was on a staircase with Johnny and claimed Johnny swung at her, and she says she immediately thought of a rumored incident between Johnny and Kate so she felt she knew what was coming and swung at him.

Amber was insinuating Johnny had gotten violent with Kate, but today, on rebuttal, Johnny’s lawyer called Kate, who testified by video … she’s in the U.K.

Kate recounted an incident when she and Johnny were at a hotel. He left the room first and she followed. Kate said it was raining and she slipped down the stairs, injuring her back. She says she cried in pain and Johnny came rushing back, carried her inside the hotel room and got her medical attention.

Kate testified … Johnny never got physical with her … didn’t push her or otherwise assault her. Kate says it was an accident and Johnny was there at the ready to help her.

The supermodel’s testimony supports exactly what Amber eventually admitted under cross-examination … that Johnny hitting Kate was nothing more than a “vague rumor” — and as it turns out, a false one — she’d once heard.

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