Johnny Depp Insists He’s ‘Not Sick,’ Blames Amber Heard For His ‘Gaunt’ Appearance

Johnny Depp says it’s Amber Heard’s fault that he looks the way he does.

With the way Johnny Depp has been looking as of late, rumors have been swirling about just how sick he really is. And, apparently, the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actor has been listening to the rumors that speculate on just how sick he really is, and blames only one person for his altered state: his ex, Amber Heard.

According to Radar Online, Depp, who is currently promoting his appearance in the upcoming follow-up to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, called Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, was looking like death warmed over in Russia, recently, and his fans began worrying about his physical and mental health.

But when he delighted fans at San Diego Comic-Con with his appearance in his full Fantastic Beasts costume, many thought that, perhaps, he’d healed from whatever it was that afflicted him.

The outlet, however, claims that 55-year-old Johnny Depp has been “suffering” under the scrutiny of the spotlight, as of late, and that it’s thanks to his ex, Amber Heard, and her accusations of domestic violence.

“I’m not sick. I’m not battling anything, other than the smears that I’m determined to prove are false,” he said.

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Contrary to Johnny Depp’s claims, however, he has a lot more to worry about than what Amber Heard has to say — or doesn’t have to say — regarding his behavior.

According to Deadline, he just settled a $25 million fraud case between himself and his ex-managers.

Right before he appeared at SDCC for the Fantastic Beasts panel, Depp and The Management Group reached a “confidential settlement.” While both sides of the lawsuit are allegedly “happy” with the settlement, Depp managed to successfully stave off “judicial foreclosure” on his movie projects made by his production company, City of Angels.

Had the case gone to trial, and TMG had succeeded in their claims against the actor, they could have owned all of the film projects made by Depp over the course of his career, potentially costing the actor millions in royalties.

But the legal woes with his ex and his former management company are just the tip of the iceberg for the embattled actor. His former bodyguards have filed a lawsuit claiming that the actor owes them for back pay, and for subjecting them to mistreatment thanks to his alleged drug abuse. In addition, the location manager for the film City of Lies hit him with a lawsuit alleging assault and battery.

Representatives for Johnny Depp had no comment for either outlet at press time.

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