Johnny Depp Tells Story of His Fingertip Being Cut Off During Fight with Amber Heard

Johnny Depp lost the tip of his finger back in March 2015 and now he’s sharing his side of the story in a newly unearthed deposition video.

The video is from Johnny‘s lawsuit against his former lawyer, who he says wrongly collected millions of dollars in fees. The incident was brought up in this lawsuit because that lawyer had prepared a post-nup agreement that Amber was allegedly asked to sign the night before the fight.

Johnny says that he lied about the injury to protect Amber at the time. They had gotten married one month before the incident.

“Basically I had a pretty nasty injury that I actually had to protect her at the time,” Johnny said in the video, which was just released by “And so I said that it was caught in the door in these huge accordion doors at this house, that wasn’t the case at all. She smashed, she threw a vodka bottle at me and my, my hand was resting on the marble of the bar like that.”

“The first bottle went whoosh just past my ear. And the second one was a larger bottle and she threw it from about this distance and it smashed into the bar, which, this finger who I now call little Richard, was, the tip of the finger was severed and all the bone in here was completely shattered,” Johnny continued. “I mean, it looked like Vesuvius and then I got infections. I ended up with MRSA twice, so it was very complicated. I was trying to just get the finger back, you know. And then deal with the insanity of having had my finger chopped off by this woman that I was married to.”

Amber has claimed that Johnny had a bad temper that night because he accused her of cheating on him with Billy Bob Thornton. He later dipped the injured finger in paint and wrote “Billy Bob” and “Easy Amber” on a mirror, which is not something he disputed.

“She says that I did it myself, yeah, by punching a wall,” Johnny said about the finger injury. “I tell you, I’d like to see the reactions from scientists, I mean, physicians, who are familiar with this sort of trauma, this sort of thing, because I’d love to see her explain how someone hits a wall and if they put their fist through it, its dry wall or something.”

The story was first reported nearly four years ago and photos of the injured finger are on TMZ.

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