Jordan Fisher, Garrett Clayton & Kent Boyd Have Mini ‘Teen Beach Movie’ Reunion

There was recently a Teen Beach Movie reunion!

Jordan Fisher shared a dance video on his Instagram last week, which also featured his TBM co-stars Garrett Clayton and Kent Boyd.

“Tanner, Rascal and SeaCat truly are just a fine wine, ya know?” he wrote in the caption.

Apparently Jordan wrote the wrong character name at first, as he added in the comments, “Wow…I really said Brady when I meant Tanner huh. Wow.”

Jordan starred as Seacat, Garrett played Tanner and Kent was Rascal. They were all part of the surfers crew in both of the Disney Channel Original Movies.

It’s been seven years since the original movie premiered in 2013, five years since the sequel in 2015, and we love seeing these three back together again!

In case you missed the big news, Jordan recently announced an exciting new project!

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