Jose Mourinho reveals message to Manchester United fans after Tottenham defeat

Jose Mourinho applauded Manchester United’s Stretford End support after his side were smashed by Tottenham.

The Portuguese boss slumped to a second successive defeat and was taunted by chants of “You’re getting sacked in the morning” from Spurs fans.

But after the 3-0 defeat piled further pressure on him, Mourinho made his feelings clear towards his own fan-base.

At the end of the match he made a point of approaching the Stretford End where he thanked fans for their support, applauding them and waving a United scarf.

He then left a clear message during his television interview with Sky Sports reporter Geoff Shreeves.

“ Manchester United fans do not read papers and they do not watch television,” said Mourinho in a dig at his critics.

He then explained: "My message [to the players]was the same message as the supporters, the message that the supporters gave to the players was my message, was the same.

"When you play the way you play, when you create what you create, when we miss the chances that we missed, when at half-time everybody was frustrated but totally convinced that we were going to win the match.

"And even with the unexpected 2-0 result, the way the team kept playing until the third goal arrived, my message to the players has to be a positive message and I’m really happy, humbled by the way the supporters reacted to the boys.

"I think it was very much deserved, but sometimes players deserve and they don’t get what they deserve, so we have to be humbled by the supporters reactions. "

Mourinho later stormed out of his post-match press conference after demanding he was shown "respect".

"We lost against Sevilla (last season in the Champions League last 16) and we were booed because we deserved it. Today the players left the pitch after losing at home and they were applauded because they deserved it, so we keep trying, trying, trying," he said.

"What was the score? This (holding three fingers up). What is this also? Three Premierships I have won, more Premierships than the other 19 managers put together. Me three, them two," he said. "Respect, respect, respect."

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