Joy-Anna Duggar: Is She Joining Jill’s Rebellion Against Jim Bob?!

There was a time when Jill Duggar was considered the “safest” of all of Jim Bob’s children — the one who was most likely to follow in the patriarch’s footsteps and carry on his fundamentalist legacy.

Needless to say, those days are long gone.

These days, Jill drinks alcohol and uses birth control — two practices that are strictly forbidden in the home in which she was raised.

She’s even learned to be accepting of gay and trans people, which must really piss off old bigoted Jim Bob.

Jill has reportedly cut ties with her parents, but given her new belief system, they’re probably just fine with that.

After all, we’re guessing Jim Bob and Michelle’s greatest fear at this point is that Jill will influence her younger siblings and undo decades of brainwashing. 

And based on recent developments, it appears those fears are being realized.

If Jill had a runner up in her heyday as Jim Bob’s favorite daughter, it was probably Joy-Anna.

Joy got married young, started cranking out babies, and seemed poised to follow in Michelle’s footsteps.

But unfortunately for her parents, it seems Joy-Anna also has a mind of her own.

And for a woman in the Duggar family, that can be a very dangerous thing.

Joy-Anna welcomed her second child in August, and her parents are probably pleased with her rapid rate of procreation.

But in other ways, it seems that Joy is very subtly wriggling out from under Jim Bob’s thumb.

For starters, Joy-Anna has quit Counting On, making her the first Duggar to do so since — you guessed it! — Jill.

Jill parted ways with the show after her husband, Derick Dillard, got fired by TLC.

Joy-Anna needed no such provocation, however.

She quit simply because she didn’t feel like taking part anymore and wanted to experience a bit of privacy for the first time in her adult life.

So on its own, stepping away from the family media empire might not have been a sign of defiance.

But as many fans have noticed, Joy’s been expressing her newfound desire for freedom in other ways, as well.

For example, she’s been subtly disregarding the rules of the sacred Duggar dress code.

If you’re a longtime fan of the family, then you’re probably aware that the Duggars have very, very strict rules regarding the “modest” attire that must be worn by their daughters at all times.

Joy was once so committed to these rules that she famously wore a long skirt while lifting weights and playing sports.

During her pregnancy, however, Joy went about in shoulder-baring tank tops, a major no-no in the Duggars’ world.

On their own, none of these actions are an indication that Joy is soon to break away from her family and follow her own path, as Jill is currently doing.

But Jill and Joy have always enjoyed an especially close relationship, and it’s hard to imagine Joy hasn’t been at least somewhat influenced by her sister’s rebellion.

Obviously, we have no way of knowing of Joy-Anna will ever take her personal insurrection as far as Jill has — but we can certainly hope that she will!

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