Julia Fox & Azealia Banks Get Into BRUTAL Fight Over Kanye Breakup Comments

Julia Fox and Azealia Banks are engaged in a nasty, viral feud — and it all follows comments the Uncut Gems actress made after her recent split from Kanye “Ye” West.

As Perezcious readers will recall from our prior reporting on Tuesday, in a since-deleted message posted to her Instagram Stories, Julia called herself “a #1 hustler” and told fans they would soon get the “full tea” on her breakup from the Hurricane rapper if they “buy the book when it comes out.”

Banks took issue with Fox’s “hustler” comments, taking to her own IG Stories on Tuesday to voice her disagreement with the actress’ “threatening” tell-all teaser. Azealia called Julia’s notoriously open relationship with Kanye “a weak PR stunt” and questioned whether Fox was a “hustler” in the situation at all, writing:

“What did u hustle him for? A bag and some Lucien’s? You can kiss your days as a low rate escort goodbye sis.”

Banks then dove into Fox’s history of drug abuse — which the actress herself has been open about in the past. Using that as a reference point, Banks tore into West’s ongoing divorce and looming custody battle with estranged wife Kim Kardashian, calling Fox “a liability” who Kanye “probably had no clue about.”

Banks further alleged the actress’ drug history could possibly influence “any custody battle that may arise in court during divorce proceedings,” regarding both Ye’s situation and Julia’s life as a newly-single mother herself.

Understandably, Fox took issue with Banks’ comments, writing a series of texts to the rapper including a statement of warning:

“Talk s**t about my son again.”

Banks responded to that series of texts by screenshotting them and posting the pic to her IG Stories, too. At one point, Banks said this about Fox’s son:

“Okay, your son is a crackbaby”


Fox’s text messages to Banks further appeared to criticize the rapper over homophobia and transphobia, which Banks responded to in IG Stories posts, as well. Shockingly, Banks then later shared an old photo that appears to show Fox injecting drugs. Understandably angered by that, Fox responded with her own Instagram Stories statement on Tuesday evening, writing in part (below):

“I’m open about my issues with addiction because I want to destigmatize it! Not all addicts are ‘junkies.’ That is so horrible to say. It’s a real f**king disease. And I’ve also been open about my recovery journey!! But nobody wants to mention that right…”

And Fox continued:

“If this troll says one more thing about my parenting or my son… I was too nice to her cuz I felt sorry for her but now I realize there’s a reason why she spends all the holidays alone. Nobody wants that energy sis!!!”

Fox further fought back from there, sharing her own message screenshot that was purportedly of an old text from Banks, in which Azealia allegedly asked:

“Julia who sells Molly and Percocet in nyc ?”

Another old message seemed to show Banks allegedly asking for paparazzi contacts so the pair could be photographed together following Fox’s past success on Uncut Gems.

Here is part of the exchange (below), including serious NSFW photo content of alleged drug use:

And as you can see (below), Fox was swift in her response to those messages, too:


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What a feud!

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