K. Michelle Slams Fan After Getting Candid About Almost Having Twins 5 Years Ago

Internet users, meanwhile, are divided regarding the matter as some understand K. Michelle’s response with one calling the fan’s tweet a ‘backhanded support that she didn’t ask for.’

AceShowbizK. Michelle has been vocal about wanting to have children. The reality TV star even documented her potential surrogacy on reality television, though it was to no avail. On Thursday, December 30, she took to her social media account to lament the matter.

“I could’ve had twins 5 years ago but I thought I had money and selfishly want ONLY GIRLS,” K. Michelle tweeted to her followers. “Two girls so after 200,000 later I just realize that all I wanted was my grandfather 2b n their lives like he was in Chase’s life. I up yall. I could’ve just had the babies.”

Some fans sent positive messages to her, but one of them might not be able to deliver their intention better. “Cmon,K, u been thru darker storms, & always came thru shining..put on ur big girl thongs babe. [flexing arm emoji],” one fan replied.

The reply seemingly didn’t sit well with the rapper as she responded, “Go to hell.” Confused, the fan replied, “Huh? Wow, I’m supporting u k.”

K. Michelle, however, still wasn’t feeling it as she doubled down on it in a separate tweet. “When i’m in my mood, don’t try to tell me NOTHING,” she penned, before adding, “And sometimes I don’t want to be the bigger person.”

Fans, meanwhile, were divided regarding the matter. Some understood K. Michelle’s response as one called the fan’s tweet a “Backhanded support that she didn’t ask for.” Another person opined, “She’s not wrong for how she responded.” Similarly, someone else commented, “Right idea, wrong delivery sir.”

“Yeah, grieving is so personal. No one has the right to tell u to move on… The fan ws definitely outta pocket,” another fan added. One person said that the “thong” comment was unnecessary.

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